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Information publication Port of Vladivostok attracts cargoes
December 19 2017

Port of Vladivostok attracts cargoes

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Port of Vladivostok attracts cargoes

In the seaports of the Far Eastern Basin, the freight turnover for 11 months 2017 year in comparison with the indicators of 2016 for the same period, according to the Association of Sea Commercial Ports (ASOP), increased by 3,6%, to 175,5 million tons.
The highest growth rates are shown by the stevedores of the port of Vladivostok - the growth to the level of 2016 amounted to 18,2%, to 15,5 million tons. Experts attribute the growth of indicators to the increased interest and support from the state of this harbor. In particular, for the Far East, such tools to enhance the investment climate, as the territories of advanced development and the free port of Vladivostok, have been developed and implemented. The bulk of cargoes handled here are dry cargo ships - 85%. The volume of their transshipment in 11 months 2017 grew by 27,5%, to 13,1 million tons. At the same time, the volume of liquid cargo handling decreased by 15,4%, to 2,4 million tons.
However, the largest cargo traffic is concentrated in such harbors as Vostochny port - 63,4 million tons (+ 1,3%), Vanino - 26,6 million tons (-3,3%), Nakhodka - 22,1 million tons (+ 4%).


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