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Information publication The FCS rejected the merger with the Federal Tax Service
December 04 2017

The FCS rejected the merger with the Federal Tax Service

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The FCS rejected the merger with the Federal Tax Service

The FCS and the Federal Tax Service of Russia are setting up an information exchange, but the question of uniting the services is not worth it, said Vladimir Bulavin, head of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, at a briefing in Yaroslavl on Thursday.
"The issue of merger is not worth it, but the exchange of information is already well established, we are transferring to the Federal Tax Service all of our declarations, including the entire customs value, based on which they can further track all the chains, up to the cash registers of trading organizations," said Bulavin.
The head of the department noted that the work on building the mechanism for administering customs and tax payments is being carried out not only at the level of central offices, but also at the level of all customs administrations.
"In addition, now work is actively being carried out to create a mechanism for traceability of goods - from their release at the customs border to sale through the cash registers of trade organizations," Bulavin said.
He also said that one of the tasks for the FCS of Russia will be the creation of a two-level intellectual platform.
"The first level is operational, the second one is analytical, the intellectual platform will receive information from the created tracking system.In accordance with this information, we will control ourselves in the same way - how objectively the participant in foreign economic activities has told us and declared the customs value, the country of origin , the code of the commodity nomenclature, weight characteristics, "said Bulavin.
According to him, the first stage of creating an intelligent platform will begin in 2018.


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