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Customs clearance If the company has changed legal address

If your company has changed legal address

If you have changed the legal address of the company after that you need to perform the following actions that will allow Customs to see from you received the money and release your declaration. You need to do the following.

1. Change of EDS.
To do this, contact the company that issued you with electronic and obtain a new signature.

2. Write a statement about legal change. Addresses and PPC delicious to Head custom name.
The application is written in free form to the chief of customs name.

A sample text of the statement is as follows.

In connection with the change of the legal address of the company "****" PPC company has changed as a result of registration of the new legal address.
Please unite, to merge the accounts of PPC (the former) and the (new), to write off the advance payments at registration DT.
In nostoyaschee operates PPC (new).
Please find attached the documents confirming the change of legal address and PPC:
1.Certificate of registration with the tax authority.
2.Notice of deregistration of the Russian organization with the tax authority.
3.The decision of the partners or shareholders of the legal change. Addresses.

3. Pass application to the ALC with documents confirming the change of address, and a check point and get a copy of the incoming number.

4. Post DT and call the OTP (customs payments department) to report the number of incoming applications and ask to combine PPC.

yuridichesekogo address change dates in customs depend on factors such as:

1. Providing documents for legal change. addresses (charter, certificate of registration jur. Persons with a tax body, the decision on change of address, notice of deregistration growing. Companies in the tax. Authority, ext. Agreement to the contract, which specifies legal change. Address.

2. Preparation and submission of an application to the customs ODO (within 3-5 working days application transmit chief customs).

3. Get resolution from the chief of customs in the department in which to perform the requirements in the application (in our case OTP) (consideration may take a day, but may be delayed up to a month or even lost, you need to call in ODL and learn it is on a stage).

4. Shipment statement on the resolution of customs payments department.

5. Submission DT only after the application has got into OTP and OTP request of PPC association.

If you have a need for the above operation, our company will help you do all the above steps for the shortest possible time (1-2 days).