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Ministry of Industry has identified the size of the recycling collection

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia published a draft government resolutionDetermining the rate of utilization of the fee for imported cars. Size of utilization fee will be calculated from the base rate 20 thousand and a multiplying factor.

On the New and used electric cars as well as for new cars with engine capacity of less than two liters will cover the smallest coefficient 1,34 salvage fee they will 26,8 thousand.

For used cars with an engine capacity of up to two liters spread 8,26 factor in this case salvage fee is 165,2 thousand.

New cars with engine up to three liters come under coefficient 2,66 (salvage fee - 53,2 thousand). The same, but used to cost already 322,4 thousand. The import of new and used vehicles with more 3,5 liters will have to pay up to 110 700,2 thousand.

However, individuals, as reported on the website of the newspaper "Vedomosti", can import cars at a discounted rate 0,15 for new vehicles and 0,25 - for used. Thus, the fee for private traders will be from three to five thousand.

The fee for disposal of imported cars in Russia will be introduced in September with 1 2012 year. This measure is intended to compensate for the reduction of import duties on imported cars, due to Russia's accession to the WTO. As expected, the new cars will drop from duty 30 to 25 percent. Over the next seven years, the size will be reduced to 15 percent of the car.