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The term "F" - INCOTERMS 2000


"F" - Terms require the seller to deliver the goods for carriage as instructed by the buyer. The point at which the parties intend delivery to the term FCA, Caused difficulty because of the wide variety of circumstances, which may occur in the contracts concluded with this term. Thus, the goods may be loaded on a vehicle sent by the buyer to pick up the goods from the premises of the seller; In either case, the goods may need to be unloaded from a vehicle sent by the seller to deliver the goods at a terminal named by the buyer. 

Incoterms 2000 take account of these alternatives by stipulating that in the case when the place named in the contract as the place of delivery is the seller's premises, delivery is completed when the goods are loaded on the buyer's collecting vehicle and, in other cases, delivery is complete when the goods are placed at the buyer's disposal not unloaded from the seller's vehicle.
Unfortunately, the word FOB is used by some merchants merely to indicate any point of delivery - such as "FOB factory", "FOB plant", "FOB Ex seller's works" or other inland points. At the same time neglecting what the abbreviation means: Free On Board. It remains the case that such use of "FOB" tends to create confusion and should be avoided.
An important change takes place in the term FAS in relation to the obligation to clear the goods for export, as the most widely accepted impose these duties on the seller and not the buyer. In order to ensure due attention to this change, it has been marked with capital letters in the preamble to the term FAS.