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April 22 2019

Dodon hopes to discuss the abolition of customs duties with Putin

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Dodon hopes to discuss the abolition of customs duties with Putin

Moldovan President Igor Dodon said that he had received an invitation to a meeting of the leaders of the EAEU member countries, where he hopes to discuss with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin the abolition of duties for Moldovan manufacturers.
Russia, with 1 January, abolished duties on imports of a range of goods from Moldova for half a year
“At the end of May, if I’m not mistaken - 29, Kazakhstan will host a meeting of leaders of the EAEU member countries, I have already received an oral invitation. There will be Vladimir Putin, I hope that I can discuss with him the issue of the abolition of duties for Moldovan producers, "- said Dodon during the" Straight Line "on the TV channel Accent TV.
Moldovan President expects that the Russian authorities will agree to extend the period of the abolition of customs duties. Dodon also expects to touch on this topic in an interview with the Russian leader in June during an economic forum in St. Petersburg.
According to Dodon, the situation is complicated by the fact that there is still no government in the country after the parliamentary elections held in February for 24, whose competence includes economic issues.
In the elections in Moldova that took place on February 24, the Socialist Party, which supports the current President Dodon and advocates closer interaction with Russia and the EEU, received 35 mandates, the Democratic Party of Moldova led by Vladimir Plahotniuc - 30 mandates , the party "Shore" - seven. Also three independent candidates entered the parliament. In the 26 seat of the legislature, none of the parties had enough votes to independently form a parliamentary majority, which means the need to form a coalition to form a government. If the deputies are not able to agree until June 101, then Moldavian President Igor Dodon can initiate the procedure for early elections.

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