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24 2019 June

Dodon asked Medvedev to extend the abolition of customs duties

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Dodon asked Medvedev to extend the abolition of customs duties

Moldovan President Igor Dodon at a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in Minsk discussed the possibility of extending the abolition of customs duties for a number of Moldovan goods.
Russia, with 1 in January, 2019 of the year canceled for half a year the duties on the import of a number of goods from Moldova.
“In order to maintain positive dynamics, I asked Russian partners to extend the duty-free export of Moldovan goods to Russia and permits to transit goods through Ukraine by trucks for a new term,” Dodon wrote on his Facebook page after meeting with Medvedev.
The president noted that he thanked the Russian side for the implementation of the agreements reached earlier at the level of the two presidents, including for the temporary abolition of duties on the import of a number of Moldovan goods into the Russian market.
Earlier, Dodon said that Russia’s abolition of duties on certain Moldovan goods from January 1 to July 1, 2019 of the year, significantly increased exports of vegetables, apples, canned goods and wine products.
Earlier it was reported that Dodon discussed with Medvedev a wide range of issues in bilateral relations, primarily in trade and energy. Dodon said that trade between the countries last year amounted to 940 million dollars.
Relations between Moscow and Chisinau deteriorated in the summer of 2015, when the Moldovan parliament ratified the association agreement with the EU, signed by the government in Brussels. Under the agreement, Moldova should fully open its market for European goods. Russia, fearing that the CIS and the Customs Union will re-export goods from the EU through the Moldova, has introduced a temporary ban on the import of certain types of Moldovan products.

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