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November 02 2018

Domodedovo Customs transferred valuable items to 37 Museum

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Domodedovo Customs transferred valuable items to 37 Museum

Unique things were not allowed to be exported outside of Russia As the press service of the Domodedovo Customs reported to Vesti Podmoskovya, yesterday the head of customs Alexander Berzan handed over to 37 the valuable items that had been taken from citizens who had been illegally removed them abroad or imported into Russia. Among the values ​​are the table clock of the 19th century, a ladies purse from the end of the 19th - early 20th centuries, as well as antique silver coins. Four copies of a desktop mantel clock and a clock mechanism of the 19th century were discovered by customs officers when inspecting the luggage of a Vietnamese citizen who was flying to his homeland. Experts estimated the watch at more than 700 thousand rubles. Two ladies purses and a French fireplace set were imported by a citizen of Kazakhstan. The woman was carrying items from Paris in transit through Zurich, but without a declaration. And 28 ancient coins and Indian pendant found in the bag of a German citizen, who arrived from Ashgabat. The coins were minted in the VIII-XVIII centuries on the territory of India, Khiva khanate and present-day Iraq. The oldest coin is the drachma of the Greco-Bactrian kingdom, minted in 155-130 BC. All seized cultural values ​​are turned into state ownership.

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