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July 17 2019

A foreigner tried to smuggle two small leopards and a tiger cub out of Krasnodar

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A foreigner tried to smuggle two small leopards and a tiger cub out of Krasnodar

A native of Uzbekistan was detained at the Krasnodar airport while trying to carry small predators into the plane through the “green corridor”.
In the evening of July 12, a citizen of Uzbekistan tried to bring home two bi-monthly leopards and one white Bengal tiger cub, 2,5 month of age, without completing the necessary documents. The offender was detained by customs officers.
The animals from the Krasnodar airport were brought to the Krasnodar zoo "Safari Park" for veterinary inspection.
- Experts have found in the paws of the cubs and tiger cubs medical catheters, with the help of which the owner introduced a sedative to small predators for the smooth passage of customs. They were practically immobilized and did not react to anything. In addition, the tiger for its age does not get in size about one and a half times. Veterinarians washed the animals' stomachs, now they are under observation. “Animals will be in quarantine until they are registered with the city’s veterinary service,” said Mario Aburmailekh, director of the Krasnodar Safari Park, in Kuban News.
Experts have found that predators have recently been separated from their parents. On the first day, they could not even drink their own milk. To do this, the staff came up with a special simulator, imitating mom, and now the lion cubs and tiger cub mastering it with the pleasure of their own. Also in the diet of new guests, vets added minced meat.
As Mario Aburmaileh added, analyzes of predators will be sent to specialists to accurately determine the type and age of the animal, after which the animals will be registered.
The fate of the kids is still unknown. Perhaps they will go to some zoo with good living conditions. At the time of paperwork in the case of the transportation of animals, predators will definitely live in the Safari Park in Krasnodar.

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