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July 12 2019

Corruption, land and Kozhemyako - how they are related, customs officials said

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Corruption, land and Kozhemyako - how they are related, customs officials said

Employees of the Vladivostok branch of the Russian Customs Academy wrote a letter to the governor of Primorye, Oleg Kozhemyako, in which they asked to deal with the scandalous construction near the university, reports DEITA.RU. The text of the letter is available to the editors.
The construction of two 24-storeyed houses, about which the agency has already written, is taking place a few meters from the main building of VFRTA, and, according to customs officials, it is illegal. After unsuccessful attempts to appeal to various instances, including the city administration and the prosecutor's office, the PTA leadership addressed the governor directly.
The customs officers complained not only about “official football”, allergies, dust and noise, but also about a possible corruption scheme that allowed the start of an unacceptable construction.
“As a result of the daily work of construction equipment, the entire building of the branch vibrates, and therefore there is a huge risk of deformation of the foundation and supporting structures of buildings. Constant noise from the construction site violates the training and work processes, and at the same time the rights of students, and the wall being erected completely blocks the sunlight. This situation also affected the health of workers: because of the constant dust that flies into the windows of offices and audiences, some specialists of the educational institution started an allergic reaction, ”the employees of the educational institution write.
The text of the letter describes the scheme by which permission to build a house was obtained: for example, at the beginning of 2000-s in one section it was planned to build an 5-storied building, which would be located much further from the academic building. Aerial photographs from popular search engines show that there was a forest belt on the site, which does not coincide with the large-scale construction.
“That facility was built on 1-2%, that is, only the foundation of the 3-5 storey building was actually laid there, aside, about 50 meters away from us, and in no way hindered us. Here, the reconstruction and does not smell. This is a full-fledged construction with the seizure of a huge territory, with the destruction of the forest massif and all that ecology, which we have admired for many years. This directly threatens the safety of the building and creates extremely inconvenient conditions for us, which impede the normal educational process of the Academy, ”commented Vladimir Dyakov, Rector of the Vladivostok branch of the PTA.
In addition, branch employees claim that no permits for deforestation have been issued at this site, and refer to the corresponding response from the city administration.
However, the forest is cut down, the construction is growing by leaps and bounds, and the officials are all silent. Customs officers ask the governor to figure out and take action, to stop the "official football" and land chaos in Vladivostok.
Recall that the construction of two high-rises is carried out at the address Strelkovaya 18 street. The construction is conducted by the “Region Stroy” company, the permits were issued by the head of the urban planning and architecture department A.M. Shesterikova under the pretext of completion of construction. The company received the land for rent when the regional department was headed by Natalia Sokolova, who was fired with the scandal Vladimir Miklushevsky. Currently she is the first deputy head of the administration of Vladivostok.

Ivan Kryshan

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