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July 29 2019

The seaside company tried to turn a tricky focus on customs

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The seaside company tried to turn a tricky focus on customs

The Primorsk company, a timber exporter, tried to deceive the customs officers and take the poplar out of Russia under the guise of aspen, PRIMPRESS reports with reference to the press service of Nakhodka customs.
The forest went to China. The customs declaration stated that all 800 cubic meters of trees are aspen. The cargo was already being formed to be transported to the ship, but the Nadkinsk customs officers suspected something was wrong: they noticed that some logs were too large. Soon, experts confirmed that 75 cubic meters of timber belong to the poplar, the rate of customs duty on which in 2 is more than times aspen.
According to Konstantin Bondarev, head of the Nakhodka customs, these timber products are strategically important goods and resources. At the moment, their export is under special control. During the first half of the year, customs officers from Nakhodka filed 98 administrative offense cases on violations of the law during the movement of timber.

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