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January 22 2019

Customs has described three schemes for withdrawing money abroad

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Customs has described three schemes for withdrawing money abroad

The main schemes are the use of forged documents, the repeated movement of the same goods across the border and the creation of one-day firms for contracts.
The Federal Customs Service (FCS) of Russia, together with Rosfinmonitoring, the Central Bank and the tax service, identified three main schemes for withdrawing money from the country abroad. About this in an interview with "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" said the head of the department of trade restrictions, currency and export control of the FCS Sergey Shklyaev.
The first scheme provides for the use of false declarations, invoices and foreign trade contracts for transactions that have never been carried out in reality. According to Shklyaev, now all data on suspicious transactions are transmitted through the Central Bank to banks via closed electronic channels, as well as to Rosfinmonitoring, which tracks currency transactions.
The second scheme, revealed by the customs officers, is called the “carousel”, when the same product moves across the border more than once. “At first, a non-resident sells it to a Russian company, which then assigns the rights to it to another firm. That again takes out the purchase abroad and transfers to the original supplier. So the goods can go back and forth several times, and every time they pay money for it, ”said Shklyaev.
He noted that the scheme could be found after the introduction of the customs system of risk management, inspections, evaluation and examination of goods. Customs officers also report all suspicious transactions to the Central Bank, Shklyaev stressed.
The third scheme is to create one-day firms for specific contracts. “The company concludes an agreement with the supplier and transfers the advance, and then disappears. Having discovered this, we bring the participant in foreign economic activity to administrative and criminal responsibility - depending on the damage, ”said Shklyaev.
According to him, over the past three years, the volume of doubtful operations in the customs sphere has decreased by 20 times, from $ 2,09 billion to $ 80,6 million. During 9 months of 2018, 36,6 billion rubles were illegally taken out of Russia, law enforcement agencies opened 354 criminal cases. For the same period in 2017, 31,5 billion rubles was withdrawn, as well as criminal cases were initiated by 232. In 2016, these figures amounted to 56,3 billion rubles. and 279 cases, respectively, in 2015 year - 46,7 billion rubles. and 220 cases respectively.

Author: Grigory Dubov.
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