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February 01 2019

Tokyo appealed against the actions of Russian customs in the Kuriles

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Tokyo appealed against the actions of Russian customs in the Kuriles

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan protested to its Russian colleagues in connection with the confiscation of satellite phones by Russian customs from Japanese diplomats and journalists during their stay in the southern Kuril Islands.
This incident occurred in July last year during a visit by Japanese citizens to the graves of their ancestors by former residents of the southern Kuriles, reports NHK TV and radio company.
The delegation flew to Kunashir island by plane accompanied by Japanese officials and the press. After landing, Russian customs officers seized the satellite phones available from the Japanese group. The legislation of the Russian Federation prohibits the importation into the territory of the country of such equipment without a corresponding permit.
On the eve of the Russian court found that the confiscation was carried out in accordance with applicable regulations. No violations were found.
Japanese diplomats through the embassy in Moscow handed an official protest, saying that from the point of view of Japanese legislation, the actions of the Russian Federation are unacceptable.
Official Tokyo continues to consider the South Kuril Islands its own territory, despite the results of the Second World War. On the eve, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recalled that the position of Japan on this score has not changed.

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