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18 2019 June

Tightening the issuance of SBKTS for Japanese cars moved to 2020 year

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Tightening the issuance of SBKTS for Japanese cars moved to 2020 year

The Eurasian Economic Commission postponed the introduction of GOST 1-2020 to 33670 on July 2015 due to the unavailability of the infrastructure. This means that with 1 of July of this year, the rules for issuing SBTCS will not change, the registration will be carried out in the existing mode.
The notification appeared on the ECE website: “The standard will begin to apply from July 1 2020, which will prepare the test base in the EEU countries for testing vehicles imported into the Union individually.”
Recall that the existing infrastructure was not ready for the new rules. The introduction of the standard this year would lead not only to a multiple increase in the value of SBKTS, but also to a significant increase in the period of registration of foreign cars.
A similar meeting was held in Rosstandart: they considered the issue of preparation for the entry into force of the interstate standard GOST 33670-2015 “Automobile vehicles are rare” and actually recognized that there are no laboratories until July 1.
"To create and launch the necessary laboratory infrastructure for the rapid and transparent conduct of conformity assessment procedures, a decision was made to create a special working group with the participation of representatives of Rosstandart, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the Federal Customs Service of Russia, Rosaccreditation and NAMI," the final report of the working group says .
As wrote earlier, GOST will force the laboratories, which are authorized to issue safety certificates for wheeled vehicles (SBKTS), to undergo accreditation for new requirements, including significantly expand their own capacity - to equip platforms for inspection, acceleration lanes for cars, test benches And so on. The cost of innovations for laboratories will be about 30 million rubles, and since the laboratories are private companies, they will invest their expenses in the final cost of the certificate. So far, there is one such laboratory for the entire Far East. Earlier it was said that three laboratories filed documents with Rosaccreditation in order to be certified for new requirements, but there is no information on the decision.
Now several companies that have collaborated with two laboratories in Vladivostok, have suspended taking orders for cars and paperwork. SBKTS has doubled in price in a month, and after July 1, the cost of the paper required only for customs can increase several times. There are still no explanations on the new standards, they are expected at best in two weeks.
Postpone the introduction of GOST requested and the inhabitants of Primorye. The head of the public organization "Electric East" Maxim Shinkarenko appealed to the State Duma deputy from the party of the Communist Party Alexei Kornienko with a request to suspend the introduction of new requirements at the government level. Kornienko addressed a request to the head of the Russian government Dmitry Medvedev.

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