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July 23 2019

In Russia, the rules for paying the recycling fee have changed

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In Russia, the rules for paying the recycling fee have changed

The list of wheeled vehicles, as well as self-propelled vehicles and trailers for which the utilization fee is paid, has been expanded.
The relevant government decree enters into force on July 23. The document corrects the list of wheeled vehicles, self-propelled machines and trailers for them, for which you need to pay the recycling fee. The list includes tamping machines and semi-trailers with a payload of more than 10 tons. Previously, the list includes trailers, graders and planners, road rollers and loaders, crawler cranes and pipe-laying cranes.
The recycling fee, which citizens are obliged to pay in the process of buying a car, was introduced in Russia in 2012 year. This fee is collected in favor of the state, and it is directed to ensuring the environmental safety of the environment, and to protecting human health from the adverse effects of transport. This fee does not have to be paid if the car has been in operation for more than 30 years, if it is owned by diplomatic missions and consulates, if it was brought from abroad as personal property of participants in the program for the voluntary relocation of compatriots.

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