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The procedure for determining the release of engine and road, mototransportnogo funds

1. The time of issue, that is, the date of manufacture, engine capacity auto, mototransportnogo means determined by the declarant, based on:

  1. information contained in the documents, confirming their registration in the previous registration;
  2. General information of the manufacturer or importer, dealer, distributor, or other representative of the interests of the producer in a Member State of the customs union, including those contained in the identification sticker or plate, or the chassis number is encoded in the auto, mototransportnogo means;
  3. other auxiliary sources.

2. In this case, the auxiliary sources are used only in the absence of information or documents referred to in subparagraphs

1) or 2) 1 paragraph of this annex.

As auxiliary sources can be used expert judgment of Commerce and Industry of the State of the customs union and its business units, as well as other information and reference sources available to the declarant.

The conclusion of a representative of the interests of the manufacturer of an auto and motorcycle vehicle in a Member State of the customs union may be requested by the customs authority after the completion of customs operations related to the release of an auto-motor vehicle in order to monitor information about the moment of release and (or) -, motor vehicle. If there are documents and information of conflicting information specified in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this annex, the moment of release and (or) the working volume of the engine and vehicle motor cylinders are determined on the basis of the conclusion of the representative of the interests of the manufacturer of the motor vehicle in the Member State of the customs union, Conclusions of customs or forensic examinations.

3. If the exact date of manufacture is not defined, but there is information about a year or year and month of manufacture of automobiles, motor vehicles, manufacturing date is 1 July of the year of manufacture or 15-making of the month respectively.

4. In the absence of documents and information about the data referred to in paragraph 1 this annex, built auto, mototransportnogo shall be determined by the code of manufacture, the identification number specified in the auto, mototransportnogo This means the full year is estimated from 1 July release.