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What is the customs clearance

All goods and vehicles moved across the customs border shall be subject to customs clearance.

Customs clearance of goods It begins:

1) when importing goods - at the time of submission of the customs authority of the provisional customs declaration, A verbal declaration or performance of other actions proving the intent faces implement customs clearance;

2) when exporting goods - at the time of submission customs declaration, A verbal declaration or performance of other actions proving the intent faces implement Customs clearance.

Customs clearance the commission concludes customs operationsNecessary for the application to goods customs procedures for placing goods under the customs regime or termination of this regime, if such customs regime is valid for a certain period, as well as for the calculation and collection customs duties.

In some cases the commission of certain customs operations require a permit of the customs authority, which shall be issued immediately after the customs official to ensure that the necessary conditions are met, but not later than the check period customs declarationAnd other documents and examination of goods. The permit may be issued in writing.

Customs clearance goods produced in the locations of customs bodies during the work of these bodies. However, certain customs operations may be performed outside the seat and outside working hours of customs authorities.

For customs clearance must provide the customs authorities certain documents and information, lists of which are established by the Federal Ministry authorized in the field of customs. It also sets deadlines and the provision of such documents and information.

Customs authorities shall not have the right to refuse acceptance of the documents required for customs clearanceBecause of minor inaccuracies which do not affect the determination of payable amount customs duties, Decisions of customs authorities on the application of prohibitions and restrictions established in accordance with RF legislation on state regulation of foreign trade. In case of refusal of the customs authority to accept the said documents that authority shall notify the person submitting these documents, the reasons for refusal. At the request of the person, the customs authority the said notification in writing.

Documents required for customs clearance presented in the form of originals or copies certified by the person who submitted them, declarant  or authorized bodies, which issued such documents, or certified by a notary. Documents required for customs clearanceIt may be presented in the form of electronic documents in accordance with the Customs Code of the Russian Federation.

According Customs clearance to pay customs duties. At the request of the customs body of interested parties or their representatives must be present during customs clearance.

Customs clearanceIncluding filling out documents required for customs clearance, Made in Russian.

Customs clearance can be completed only after exercising sanitary-quarantine, quarantine phyto-sanitary, veterinary and other types of state control of import of goods into the customs territory of the Russian Federation and their export from this territory, if the goods are subject to such control, in accordance with the law.

 The simplified procedure of customs clearance

Customs clearance Certain categories of goods transported across the Russian customs border can be made in a simplified form and priority order. They include goods necessary for the liquidation of the consequences of natural disasters, accidents and disasters, as well as goods subject to rapid damage, live animals, radioactive materials, international mail and express cargo, messages and other materials for the mass media; Perishable goods sent to the highest bodies of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the Russian Federation.

The list of goods in respect of which can be applied simplified procedure customs clearanceIt is not exhaustive.

Priority is a matter of priority customs clearance the goods after their presentation to customs authorities.

A person applying for special simplified procedures customs clearance, Refers to the customs authority a statement in writing on the application of special simplified procedures customs clearance.

Special simplified procedures customs clearance established for persons engaged in the importation of goods into the customs territory of the Russian Federation, and may include periodic filing customs declaration, Release of the goods in the presentation of information necessary to identify the goods, customs clearance objects to such persons, storage of goods in their warehouses, and other simplified procedures.

The simplified procedure allows declaration of goods by presenting the customs authority of shipping, transportation and other documents, provided that such documents contain information about the carrier, the sender and recipient of the goods showing the location of these individuals, as well as the name, origin, quantity and value of the goods themselves.

If the customs authorities have reason to believe that the goods do not move under its own name, using false documents or the documents do not contain the above information, it may require the declarant to present additional documents containing the missing information, or a written statement, drawn up in any form in which the required information must be presented.



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