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The customs value and how to avoid it.

In relations between traders and customs authorities face many conflicts. Probably not more common and unpleasant situation for the importer as adjustment of customs value (CCC) cargoes.

It is associated with the procedure CCC basic number of lawsuits arising in the field of customs. For traders adjustment of customs value of this additional cost (and often very significant).

The notion of the customs value is the basic concept in the field of international freight. Customs value, under current legislation, defined as the sum, which includes all the costs that were incurred by the importer for the purchase and importation of goods into the territory of the Russian Federation.

Great importance of the customs value due to the fact that it is the base for calculating the customs duties and all associated fees, mandatory to be paid to the importer. Customs value declared by the importer in declaring cargo through the production and submission of the declaration of customs value (TPA), which is served along with DT. Also an importer must provide the customs authority of a complete package of supporting documents.

But often the customs authority does not agree with the declared customs value of the importer. This may be due to several reasons. First of all, customs guidance documents for each category of goods, there are control values ​​of the customs value. If the value of the goods is less than the corresponding control value, the customs authority is almost always endeavor to implement the CCC, even if the customs value documented.
Of course, in the case of adjustments to the customs value of the customs authority, its value is always adjusted upward. Accordingly, increasing the cost of customs duties, which the importer must pay.

In this situation, has only two choices. If the size of the CCC customs payments increased slightly, or the importer does not have sufficient documentation to confirm the value of the goods he usually agrees with the adjustment. If the importer has all the necessary documents that he may refuse to recognize the CCC. In this case, the customs authority is made a request for declaring additional documents confirming the value of the declared value.

A list of these documents can be very different - it all depends on the particular customs. Deadline for submission of such documents may also be different, but should not exceed 45 days.
If the inspector is not satisfied with the documents provided that the goods issue is carried out in the order of conditional release. The declarant is obliged to make software that is usually done by paying the security deposit. Size corresponds to the amount of such security duties and other payments that fit the size of the customs value when making the CCC.

In the case of a conditional corrections importer must focus its efforts on return security depositsWhich is carried out after he is able to prove the size of the declared customs value of the goods at the bankruptcy court. This becomes possible only after providing sufficient volume of documents that may affect the entire chain of delivery. This job requires a high skill level.

If the import cargo is carried out using our services, the question of return security deposits on KTS 99% resolved in favor of the importer as we control for supply to the importer had all the necessary documents for submission to the court.

We offer the services of our company, in return overpaid at customs in court.

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