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Imports of goods

For customs clearance in the Vladivostok customs area, you will need the following documents:

  1. Invoice - (Invoice) contains information about the goods required for declaring (In Russian or with translation into Russian).
  2. Packing list - Is necessary for the amount of detail, the package size and weight confirmation gross and net for each product (in Russian or translated into Russian).
  3. quality certificate, quality certificate or a certificate issued by the manufacturer or consignor or in their name - To confirm the country of origin and certification of the goods in the territory of the Russian Federation. (If you want to)
  4. Analysis certificate - Which indicates the percentage of the product (C translation in Russian). (If you want to)
  5. The certificate of origin - form "A" -for developing countries outside the CIS (C translation in Russian). (If available)  
    Form A certificate of origin is to receive tariff preferences for developing countries (duty 75%), and least developed countries (duty 0%).
  6. Veterinary certificate - For animal products. (If you want to)
  7. Pest Control Act - For plant products. (If you want to)
  8. CITES Resolution - For species of wild flora and fauna threatened with extinction. (If you want to)
    These documents confirm the safety of imported goods, issued by the competent authorities of the country of export (sometimes certified by the authorized representatives of the Russian Federation in the exporting country). These documents are required for entry into the territory of the Russian Federation, border control, receipt of the relevant certificates for customs clearance.
  9. Registration Certificate for excisable goods in HS code (for exemption from excise duty), or a letter from the bodies of Sanitary Inspection of the absence of alcohol or other excise substances. (If you want to)
  10.  Certificates of quality grain inspection - 2 copies. (If you want to)
  11.  Power of attorney at the declarant prescribed form confirming his authority on behalf of the company to produce design GTE
  12.  Price list and / or a copy of the export cargo customs declaration (CCD). Needed to prove the declared value of the goods. (When placing goods on 1 method)
  13.  A copy of the insurance or a letter of nestrahovanii cargo. Is required under the terms of delivery CIP, CIF to confirm the customs value.
  14.  Shipping documents: sea ​​waybill - bill of lading, International automobile waybill CMR, international TIR Carnet, transit declaration (TD), an air waybill, a railway consignment note.
  15.  Copies of passports of the general director and chief accountant.
  16.  Documents confirming the authority of the General Director (copies of the decision or minutes of the meeting of founders, order of appointment to the position).
  17.  A copy of the order on employment.
  18.  A copy of the employment contract.
  19.  The contract, agreement or treaty (hereinafter - "Agreement") with all additions and changes and specifications - a copy certified by the buyer's seal on each sheet (in Russian or with a translation into Russian).
  20.  Copy of the Inspectorate with the TIN and CRR.
  21.  A copy of the Certificate of State Registration (BIN).
  22.  Import Deal Passport (PS) - the original or a copy signed by the director and the hl. buhg., certified by the seal of the company.
  23.  Certificate of conformity (Main document confirming safety of imported goods) and an explanation of the RF State Standard (that cargo is not subject to mandatory certification) in the case of obligatory certification in HS code - notarial copy or a copy certified by the seal of the authority issuing the document. (If you want to)
  24.  FEZ (Hygienic conclusion) on controlled items - original, notarized copy or a copy certified by the seal of the authority issuing the document. (If you want to)
  25.  Declaration of Conformity - A document in which the manufacturer certifies that the products supplied by them comply with the requirements of regulatory documents. If you want to)
    The declaration procedure practically does not differ from product certification, the only difference is the forms on which these documents are drawn up. The certificate of conformity is drawn up on a standard form, but for the declaration of conformity, a specific form of the form is not established.
  26.  Proof of payment of cargo in case of prepayment (Bank statement, an application for transfer to the execution, bank statements), which reflects the amount of prepayment, - copies certified by the buyer stamp and signature of the CEO or chief accountant.
  27.  Payment order to transfer the advance customs payments at the expense of the customs (Duty, VAT, excise and customs duty) - the original from the bank's stamp or copy.
  28.   The original, notarized copies or copies certified by the seal of the authority issuing the document, and other authorization documents for registration of the declared HS codes:
  • License of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade. (If you want to)
  • Permits other state organs (organs of internal affairs, the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Culture, and so on. D.). (If you want to)
  • Certificates of origin of goods. (If you want to)

Russian customs authority may request additional documents and information for customs purposes.

To confirm the customs value of goods may require the following documents:

  • Insurance documents, if they are available (depending on the terms of delivery)
  • The bill for transportation or officially certified calculation of transport expenses in cases when transport costs were not included in the invoice
  • Customs declaration country of origin, a certified sender
  • Purchase Orders
  • Catalogs, specifications, price list (price lists of manufacturers)
  • Calculation of the manufacturer on the estimated goods (if the firm agrees to provide its Russian customers)
  • Other documents that may be used to confirm the information stated in the declaration of customs value
  • Documents confirming the payment under the contract, as well as an extract from the account (in the case of the expiration of the term of payment (30, 60, 90 days) may be needed to provide vouchers of previous deliveries)

 To confirm the specific characteristics of the goods:

  • Datasheet or technical description.
  • Booklets.
  • Samples.
  • Pictures.
  • Other explanatory material, sealed by the buyer of the company.