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Customs clearance and Technology


The main activity of our company is the provision of customs clearance and delivery of all types of goods.

We do:

  • The classification of goods under the HS
  • Evaluation of the customs value of the goods, calculation of customs duties
  • Preparation of foreign trade contract
  • The training required for customs clearance of documents
  • Development and calculation of "door to door" transport scheme of delivery
  • Preparation of shipping documentation
  • Customs clearance modes:
    • Release for internal circulation (im40)
    • Temporary importation
    • International customs transit
    • reimport
    • reexport
    • Exporter

For customs clearance goods imported under the foreign trade agreements of your organization, your company is registered in the Far Eastern Technical University (Far Eastern Customs Administration) as a participant in foreign economic activity when you first submit the declaration:

Documents for registration at customs.

Оapplication for registration in DVTU in doc format (no longer required).

If for the first time you are importing cargo to your company, then there is nothing terrible about it; Previously, the first declaration was sent over the so-called “large circle”, which includes 100% inspection and coordination in several customs departments. This hour is no longer there, even new companies with properly executed documents that correspond to the goods being transported can clear their goods within 1-2 days.

If your organization is not registered yet Vladivostok customs, we will register it for youwhen submitting a customs declaration is absolutely free, of course if you have the necessary documents, which can be found in the section of registration at the customs.

If your company is not a participant in foreign economic activity and you do not want to be, we offer the service of registration of goods to our company. Our company will purchase imported goods from your supplier and, after carrying out customs clearance, will transfer it to your company. 

This scheme of work allows you to get the goods, legalized in the Russian domestic market in accordance with the customs and tax law, without going into details of the foreign trade transaction.

There is no need to exchange payments on your part and the conditions associated currency control. 

Also there is no need to register at the office as a member of the foreign economic activity.

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