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The list of groups of goods subject to state registration

  1. Mineral water (natural table, medical and canteen, medical), bottled drinking water, packaged in containers (including for use in baby food), tonic beverages, alcoholic beverages, including low-alcohol products, beer.
  2. Specialized food products, including baby food, food for pregnant and nursing women, the products of dietary (medical) power supply products for athletes (hereinafter - special foods); biologically active food additives, raw materials for the production of biologically active food additives, organic products.
  3. Foods prepared using genetically modified (transgenic) organisms, including genetically engineered microorganisms.
  4. Dietary supplements, complex food additives, flavorings, vegetable extracts as flavoring materials and raw materials, starter culture microorganisms and bacterial yeast, processing aids, including enzyme preparations.
  5. Cosmetic products; tools and products of oral hygiene.
  6. Disinfectants, pest and deratization means (for use in everyday life, in health care facilities and other facilities (except used in veterinary medicine)).
  7. Household chemical goods.
  8. A potentially dangerous chemical and biological substances and manufactured based on these products, which are potentially hazardous to humans (other than medicaments), individual substances (compounds) of natural or synthetic origin, capable in the conditions of production, use, transportation, processing, and also in the domestic environment have adverse effects on human health and the environment.
  9. Materials, equipment, devices and other technical means of water treatment for use in potable water systems.
  10. Personal hygiene items for children and adults; children's everyday objects up to three years: dishes and products used for nutrition, hygiene items for the care of the child; children's clothing
    (First layer).
  11. Products intended for contact with food (except dishes, cutlery, process equipment).
  12. The import and circulation of goods specified in paragraphs 1 - 11 of this section is carried out in the presence of a document confirming their safety in accordance with paragraphs 17 and 30 of the Regulation on the procedure for the implementation of state sanitary and epidemiological supervision (control) over persons and vehicles crossing the customs border of the customs union , controlled goods transported across the customs border of the customs union and in the customs territory of the customs union.
  13. For the first time manufactured in the customs territory of the customs union, as well as for the first time imported into the customs territory of the customs union, controlled goods included in the following exhaustive items of the TN VED CU in accordance with the above groups are subject to state registration: