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Abbreviations and terms used in the customs documents and related customs clearance

EXCISE Additional charges.
AU FTC Automated control system for the delivery of goods.
AIH Association of International Road Carriers.
SUA FOISP Bulletin of normative acts of federal executive bodies.
GROSS Weight without packaging.
VGTD Temporary cargo customs declaration.
VTT Internal Customs Transit.
FEA Foreign economic activity.
WEC RUSSIA Federal Service for Currency and Export Control.
MGO General warranty.
GCS The State Statistics Committee (SSC).
STI State Tax Inspectorate.
GNIVTS Chief Nauchnoinformatsionny Computing Center.
GO Warranty.
DT Customs declaration.
SCC State Customs Committee.
DVTU Far Eastern Customs Administration.
DEMURRAGE Penalty, Penalty paid by container owners / ship / vehicle For use on Regulatory established by the Treaty of Time.
DKD Control Document Delivery.
DRVED IBEC Department of Regulation of Foreign Economic Activities IBEC.
DTPO Additional sheet to customs pay-in slips.
TPA Customs value declaration.
DTU Dagestan Customs Office.
EU ATM A single air traffic management system.
IMPORT40 (IM40) Release of goods for domestic consumption.
INVOICE Invoices.
ETC Identification customs inspection.
UNECE ITC Inland Transport Committee of the UNECE.
MO kWp Committee on Military and Technical Assistance of the Ministry of Defense
traffic control tower Traffic control tower
CCM Coordination Interagency Council on Military-Technical Cooperation
HS CODE Classification code of goods.
BILL OF LADING Cargo Document, Sea Shipping Document.
CONTRACT Contract for Foreign Economic Activity.
CTS Adjustment of the customs value.
LDL Personal numbered seal.
IBEC The Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations.
MINISTRY OF JUSTICE Ministry of Justice.
IRU International Road Transport Union.
MTU Moscow Customs Office.
NATB The National Association of Customs Brokers.
VAT Value added tax.
NET Weight without packaging.
NTP Violation of customs rules.
LMC Department on struggle against smuggling and customs offenses.
OBTP The department for combating customs offenses.
OGTD Final cargo customs declaration.
OD Department inquiry.
ODTO Documentary department of customs clearance.
OKDT Department delivery control.
ONEK Department of non-tariff and expert control.
Ltd. Department of the inquiry.
ORTOFS Department on work with goods circulation in federal ownership.
GR Department of customs clearance.
TNA Department of customs payments.
OTR Customs Investigation Division.
OTSIA Department of Customs Statistics and Analysis.
OFTK The actual department of customs control.
SEZ Special Economic Zone.
PGTD Preliminary cargo customs declaration.
PIB Passport of barter transactions.
DUTY Fees charged by the relevant public authorities in the performance of certain functions, in the amount stipulated by the legislation of the country.
PS - (TRANSACTION PASSPORT) Basic document exchange controls, designed the exporter Tovarovrezidentom The Bank of Russia and describe in a standardized form information on foreign transactions necessary to carry out this control.
PTS and PSHTS Passport of the vehicle and the passport of the vehicle chassis.
RISK The probability of breach by the customs legislation of the Russian Federation
Ritt Regional Information Technology Customs Control
RP Registration Chamber.
PTA Russian Customs Academy.
MOUTH Regional Customs Office.
MOUTH BT Regional Customs Office of Air Transport.
MOUTH DSO Regional customs offices duty services and protection.
MOUTH IN BTP Regional Customs Office on combating customs offenses.
MOUTH TO Regional Customs Office logistics.
TSW Temporary storage.
SZRTL North - western regional customs laboratories.
SZTU North - West Customs Directorate.
SPB St. Petersburg
SERTL North - western regional customs laboratories.
CUSTOMS VALUE Cost of products from which you receive customs duties.
CUSTOMS INSPECTION Inspection of goods and vehicles, involves the removal of seals, stamps and other means of identification of goods, unpacking of goods or cargo space of the vehicle or tanks, containers and other places where there are or may be goods.
rummage Inspection of goods and transport Sredstvvneshny visual inspection of goods, luggage individuals, vehicles, freight containers, customs seals, stamps and other means of identification of goods for purposes of customs control. Not Associated with the opening of the vehicle or its cargo compartments and damaging the packaging of goods.
TC Customs control.
TPO Customs receipt.
CCI Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
TC Bonded warehouse.
TSTK Technical means of control.
UBTP The Office for combating customs offenses.
UCMJ Management of foreign exchange control.
UDTS SBA Customs Union.
Whatcom Customs Control.
Whatcom Customs Control.
PACKING LIST Commercial document that contains the list of items included in one of packages (boxes, containers). Packing Sheet signed by the Packers and invest in each package of mixed assortment.
UTNTR Management of tariff and not tariff regulation.
Utsav Management of Customs Statistics and Analysis.
UFTD Management of Federal Customs Revenues.
UFTP Federal Office of customs duties.
FAS (RUSSIA) Federal Aviation Service of Russia.
Federal Border Service (RUSSIA) The Federal Border Service of the Russian Federation.
FREIGHT The cost of delivery of cargo by ship.
FSB (RUSSIA) Federal Security Service.
FU Financial Management
PCD Financial and economic activity