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Abbreviations and symbols used in the HS

BIS large integrated circuit
Bq becquerel
В volt
Tues watt
Hz hertz
GHz gigahertz
dtex off-system unit of the linear density of fibers or threads, equal to the ratio of their mass to length. 1 dtex = 10 mg / m
IR infrared
К kelvin
kW kilowatt
kHz kHz
kgf kilogram force
km kilometer
kN kN
kPa kilopascals
kcal kilocalorie
wt.% percentage by weight
Mbps 1 048 576 bit
MHz megahertz
m- meta-
mg milligram
mm millimeter
Ci microcurie
mN milliNewtons
Н newton
about.% percentage of content by volume
o- ortho-
n para-
с second
cr centigram
cm centimeter
sm2 square centimeter
sm3 cubic centimeter
cN santinyuton
cm / sec centimeter (s) per second
° C degree Celsius
ASTM: American Society for Testing Materials
IUU International Nonproprietary Name, International non-proprietary name
INNM International Nonproprietary Name Modified, International Modified Non-Proper Name
ISO International Organization for Standardization, International Organization for Standardization
+ the specified digital code was used in the previous version of the HS, but had a different scope of goods

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