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Customs clearance Glossary - FEA Abbreviations used in the HS

Abbreviations and symbols used in the HS

BIS circuit array
Bq becquerel
В volt
Tues watt
Hz hertz
GHz gigahertz
dtex off-system unit linear density fibers or yarns equal to the ratio of length to weight. Dtex = 1 10 mg / m
IR infrared
К kelvin
kW kilowatt
kHz kHz
kgf kilogram force
km kilometer
kN kN
kPa kilopascals
kcal kilocalorie
wt.% the percentage content by weight
Mbps 1 048 576 bit
MHz megahertz
m- meta-
mg milligram
mm millimeter
Ci microcurie
mN milliNewtons
Н newton
about.% the percentage of the volume
o- ortho-
n para-
с second
cr centigram
cm centimeter
sm2 square centimeter
sm3 cc
cN santinyuton
cm / sec centimeter (s) per second
° C Celsius degree
ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials
INN International Nonproprietary Name, International improper name
INNM International Nonproprietary Name Modified, Modified International improper name
ISO International Organization for Standardization, the International Organization for Standardization
+ the numeric code was used in the previous version HS, but have different product coverage
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