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Veterinary permission

The order of registration documents when importing products of animal origin for import and further customs clearance.

For part of the product of animal origin (mainly raw materials) necessary to issue and send to the Russian border crossing points or to send a cargo of gosvetupravleniya a telephone, with the import permit for the implementation of the free (for the implementation of the population) or for storage of non-implementation (for industrial processing).

This telephone message is a Veterinary Import Permit. This is the main document that defines the procedure, conditions for the import and sale of products of animal origin (validity period according to the terms of delivery of goods, but not more than December 31 of the current year).

  • To obtain permission to import Veterinary need:
  • Certificate BIN - a copy certified by a legal entity
  • Certificate of Tax - a copy certified by a legal entity
  • Agreement for storage of products, for industrial processing or for sale to the public - copies certified by a legal entity
  • Survey Act storage facility Veterinary Service - the original
  • Veterinary certificate of registration at the location of the storage facility - a copy certified by a legal entity
  • The application letter to the head of the veterinary association's name, stating: consignee's name and address
  • Address storage site
  • The name of the country of export and country of origin
  • Product name and number
  • Terms of entry
  • mode of conveyance
  • Possible border points of entry to the Russian Federation
  • Notice, for access to the veterinary and sanitary requirements and guarantee their implementation.

These documents are available at the veterinary control.

On the basis of their form, issued a letter to the Ministry of Agriculture - the period of performance to its order 14 days the main thing that the country of export and the specific company has been approved for sale to the public or for industrial processing.

You need to find out the product code, name, country of the manufacturer's plant, for which you can use it - for industrial processing or for sale to the population

All these data should be verified in veterenarno-border service for the possibility of importation of the products in Russia.

A blank letter for the Ministry of Agriculture is dropped into a special box for correspondence at the entrance to the Ministry of Agriculture. The term of execution is up to 45 days.

The ultimate goal - an import permit, is a telegram authorizing the import from a certain country specific products in a timely manner and set the volume to the specified address discharge