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Russian Federal Customs Service Letter № 01-11 / 58349 from 30 2011 November year

About the details of transfer of customs and other payments

Russian Federal Customs Service, in accordance with the letter of the Federal Treasury of 21.10.2011 № 42-7.4-04 / 3.5-1406 reports that since 1 January 2012 years accounting and distribution of customs and other payments from foreign trade between the budgets will be carried out on a separate account established Interregional operational FSA on balance sheet account number 40101 "Income distributed by agencies of the Federal Treasury to budgets of the budgetary system of the Russian Federation."

The transfer of customs and other payments to the federal budget proceeds through the execution of a settlement document - a payment order. The format, procedure for filling in and filling out payment orders are set out in the position of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation from 3 October 2002 No. 2-P "On Non-Cash Settlements in the Russian Federation" and in the Order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation of 24 November 2004 No. 106n " Rules for specifying information in the fields of settlement documents for the transfer of taxes, fees and other payments to the budgetary system of the Russian Federation. "

Making a payment document is permitted only one customs and other payment (budget classification code), administered by the customs authorities, according to the Russian Federation budget classification.

Account details:
Beneficiary Bank - Opera-1 the Bank of Russia, Moscow 701,
BIC 044501002,
Account №40101810800000002901,
Recipient - Interregional operational FSA (FCS of Russia)
INN 7730176610,
PPC 773001001,
OKTMO 45328000.
When filling in the settlement documents following mandatory fields must be filled:
(101) - double-digit payer status:
"06" - participant of foreign trade activities - legal person,
"07" - the customs office,
"16" - participant of foreign economic activity - an individual,
"17" - participant of foreign economic activity - an individual entrepreneur,
"18" - the payer of customs duties, which is not a declarant to which the obligation to pay customs duties imposed by the legislation of the Russian Federation,
"19" - organizations and their subsidiaries (hereinafter - the organization) who apply for settlement document for the transfer to the Federal Treasury body cash funds withheld from earnings (income) of the debtor - an individual in arrears on tax payments on the basis of executive document aimed the organization in accordance with established procedure,
"20" - a credit institution (its branch), has issued a payment document for each individual payment for the transfer of customs duties paid by individuals without opening a bank account,
"INN" recipient "(61) - 7730176610,
"PPC" recipient (103) - 773001001,
"Recipient" (16) - Interregional operational FSA (FCS of Russia);
(104) - indicator of the budget classification code in accordance with the budget classification of the Russian Federation,
(105) - the meaning of the OKTMO code of a municipal formation in accordance with the All-Russian Classifier of Territories of Municipal Formations, on the territory of which funds are mobilized from the payment of tax (collection) or other payment to the budget system of the Russian Federation - 45328000,
(106) - the field indicates the indicator of the basis of payment, which has 2 signs, in our case it should be 00
(107) - eight-digit code of the customs authority in accordance with the classification of the customs authorities in the Russian Federation, to administer the payment.

LETTER FCS of Russia № 01 -11 / 58349 from 30.11.2011. About the details of transfer of customs and other payments.
The details of the new account must be communicated to the payers of customs and other payments. Information on crediting funds to a new account will be received by the FCS of Russia on the second business day.


First Deputy Head Colonel General Customs

Below are examples of payment orders for payment at customs

Attention data details are intended for Vladivostok customs.

Payment of feesPayment of VAT, fees, excise tax (advance payment)Payment of special antidenpingovoy, countervailing duty
Download all examples of payment orders


Attention, the information is outdated, relevant information is available by clicking on this inscription. 



If you have paid for the wrong details


In case of incomplete or inaccurate indication of details, the payment is for an unclear one and is not brought to the destination customs point. For crediting of payment it is necessary to apply to the FCS of Russia with a request for clarification of the details and a copy of the payment order by fax: (499) 499 73 00, (499) 913 93 90 or to the mailing address: FCS of Russia, 121087, Moscow, ul. Novozavodskaya, d. 11 / 5, or by e-mail This e-mail address is protected from spam bots, you need to enable Javascript to view it. .

Letters must be from the participant of foreign economic activity to the Head of the GUFTD and TR FCS of Russia ON. Komarova, an example of a letter below.

Head of the Main Department of Federal Customs Revenues and Tariff Regulation of FCS of Russia Komarova Olga Nikolaevna

Hereby, Limited Liability *******, INN / KPP **** / ****, due to incorrectly completed payment order number from ** ******* year, in the amount of * ****** rubles, 104 field erroneously indicated *************************, asks in the number of payment order *** ** ******* on year, considered the best ************************, the amount of ********** rubles to offset as (- example - "Advance payment for Vladivostok customs (10702000) in payment of VAT and customs clearance fees").

After sending a fax with a request, we recommend that you contact the Main Department of Federal Customs Revenues of the Federal Customs Service of Russia to confirm its timely processing by phone. (499) 499 73 05, (495) 449 71 30, (495) 449 70 31. If sent via e-mail, then you need to call (499) 449 72 35.