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Bank details for payment of utilization fee

In accordance with the RF Government Decree of August 30 2012 years №870 «About recycling in respect of wheeled vehicles," Russian Federal Customs Service reports details for payment with 1 September 2012, the utilization fee

  • Beneficiary Bank - Opera-1 the Bank of Russia, Moscow 701,
  • BIC 044501002,
  • Account number 40101810800000002901,
  • Recipient - Interregional operational FSA (FCS of Russia)
  • INN 7730176610,
  • PPC 773001001,
  • OKATO 45268595000.
  • When filling settlement documents special attention should be paid to the obligatory filling the following fields:
  • (104) - indicator of budgetary classification code in accordance with the budget classification of the Russian Federation (CSC)153 112 08000 01 6000 120.
    (105) - code value OKTMO of the municipality in accordance with the National Classification of territories of municipalities on whose territory the mobilized funds from tax (fee) or other payment to the budget system of the Russian Federation - 45328000.
    (106) - in the field indicates the index of the base payment, which has 2 sign, in this case, it should be 00.
    (107) - eight-digit code of the customs authority in accordance with the classification of the customs authorities in the Russian Federation, to administer payment 10702000.
  • The payment purpose write
  • 10702000; 96: for Vladivostok Customs INN 2540015767, tax for scrappage