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Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port

Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port was founded in 1938. It is located on the southeastern coast of the Golden Horn Bay. Port coordinates: 43grad.06min N, 131grad.53min 22 sec. v.d.

Freezing the Golden Horn Bay is well protected from winds and has a year-round navigation. For ten berths it is 2020 meters with depths of up to 9,8 12,4 meters. Total port area of ​​over 323 700 square meters.

Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port is a versatile handling system, capable of processing other than fish carry cargo operations with goods such as wood, metals, fertilizers, pulp, fuel and lubricants, etc.

The port has covered warehouses for the storage of food products, pulp, paper, paperboard, corrugated packaging, fertilizers, and other dry goods. The floor area is more than 58 000 square meters. All rooms are equipped with heatable and ventilation system that allows at any time of the year to keep the temperature inside them from 0 to 20 degrees C. outdoor berths can accommodate up 400 tons of cargo.

The port has a five-story and four-story refrigerators with a total area of ​​47 784 square meters. The temperature regime maintained inside the refrigerators is from -22 to 0 degrees C.

All piers and warehouses have access tracks with a total length of about 10 kilometers, that are adjacent to the railway station Cape Churkin Vladivostok branch of the Far Eastern Railway - the destination of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Each year, the port handles about twenty thousand cars.

Port is directly connected to a network of roads of the Russian Federation.

Vladivostok Container Terminal

Vladivostok Container Terminal LLC "VMKT" started its work with 1995 year in Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port and is a subsidiary of JSC "Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port."

The terminal is located on 51-53 berths with a total length 450 meters, with a depth at the quay wall 9.5 pm 

The terminal area of ​​21000 m2 allows you to place up to 3 thousand 20/40 foot simple and refrigerated containers, up to 10 thousand tons of general cargo. In 2009, the freight turnover of VMKT LLC amounted to more than 62000 TEU.

Warehouse, consisting of high-lift trucks with load capacity from 2 to 45 tons., Including two new straddle shuttle company "Kalmar" capacity to 45 tons, can solve the full spectrum of recycling containers and cargo. 

The entire territory of the terminal is guarded around the clock. Ltd. "VMKT" works for the future development of rail and sea transport via shipping container lines: import goods from Korea, China, America, Japan, and coastal cargo container lines to Magadan, Sakhalin, Kamchatka and Anadyr.

The rate of processing of container ship lines is 500 TEU per day.

The terminal provides the following services.

  • Receiving / issuing from the terminal 20 / 40 foot. loaded / empty containers.
  • Loading / unloading 20 / 40 foot containers on a ship / from the ship.
  • Placement and storage in simple containers and refrigerated containers (with connection to the power supply at the request of the client).
  • Container stuffing different goods.
  • Reception, mount and sending any goods by rail, including non-standard equipment.

Placement and storage of cargo equipped indoor / outdoor area for temporary storage of customs inspections.

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